Kocca SS22 Collection

Levity is the keyword of the new Kocca campaign which celebrates lightness as a lifestyle, made of ethereal and dreamy spaces. Places where the continuous movement of the clouds transports us from bright lights and glowing dresses to the most intimate twilight shades and golden fabrics.

A lively, carefree collection has been framed with a sequence of prints and lights, clearly visible through the shots, which are skillfully mixed with a refined and light taste.

The main character of the new Kocca season is Alyson Le Borges, niece of the fascinating French icon Alain Delon; in her eyes the intensity and determination of a timeless charm are reflected. As a young actress, she made her debut on the big screen when she was only 14, then she dedicated herself to modeling work, for which she divides her time between Paris and Los Angeles.

Thanks to her, Kocca wishes to celebrate the grit, the disruptive charm of a young woman who knows how to express herself with her own identity and elegance.

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