Kocca is the brand that offers a continuous research for the exaltation of natural modern femininity. It is the
project thanks to which Kocca SRL, through a refined and glamorous style – open to personal interpretation – offers contemporary creations and attractive, unmistakable Kocca identity: a style is easily, recognizable supported by a level of production that wisely combines the selection of the best materials with a careful study for details.

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Collections are designed for young women aged 17 to 40 years old, thatstill have so much energy, zest for life and desire to discover the worldday-by-day. It is not a coincidence in fact that brand’s claim is “enjoyeveryday” , as well as the leitmotif that inspires the creation of each singleKocca collection. Feminine and seductive, but also romantic andself-deprecating, the Kocca woman never takes herself too seriously and likesto mix the clothes with innate elegance.Behind each piece there’s a motivated team, dynamic and ambitions thatis the hub from which the products originate; an alchemy of emotions,experiences, cultures, that through innovation and reinterpretation of past andcurrent fashions, give a soul to each of the individual items produced by Koccasrl. KOCCA project was born from an entrepreneurial pragmatic and concrete visionand is rooted in the solidity of theexperience and know-how belonging to the Campania region and to Italy . Thisis the reason why we stick to ourmost authentic tradition, to an Italian style that is expression ofelegance and reliability, class and seduction.

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Kocca is the brand on which in 2001 the Miranda brothers decided tostake everything, transferring theentire business in the new industrial centre of Interporto in Nola. Amodern 12,000-squaremeter technologically advanced platform that houses themain logistics, sales and administrative offices, part of the creativedepartments, and finally the international hub and that in 2002 received theISO 9001: 2000 acknowledgement.

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The products are distributed in about 2,000 stores in Italy and abroad,performing an annual increase of 20%. Particular attention is paid to humanresources: the group of creative research is one of the cornerstones of thecorporate group; alchemy of emotions, experiences and cultures, a synergistic collaborationmeant to interpret and anticipate new trends, are the recipe of the brand’ssuccess. The secret for excellence is also performed thanks to the attentionpaid to the quality of each product, starting upstream from the choice of rawmaterials and production methods, thus ending with the choice of distributionchannels and more appropriate marketing methods. “Those who make continuous efforts are always full of hope. The everydayheroes are the ones who always give thebest in life. “New energy, a strong will and clear targets: Kocca is our dreamthat came true. A structural renewal that has brought a greater dynamism andsolidity to the company : this has allowed Kocca to address the national andinternational markets with undoubtedly excellent results. The realization ofthe project is an on-going process which involves new opening of Flagship KoccaStores in major Italian and European cities, thus bringing the Kocca philosophyaround the world.

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An elegant image always in line with the brand’s style : this is one ofthe Kocca communication strenghts. The brand has received the right echo from theprecise and direct advertising Kocca campaigns thus increasing , thanks tothe strong emotional impact, the brand awareness and success and thecustomers’ loyalty. The human resources’ judicious utilization and a carefulchoice of the media have permitted all this through a targeted efficient andeffective communication.