Kocca campagna FW23-24

Kocca FW23-24 Campaign


A celebration of personal identity with Mariam De Vinzelle

KOCCA unveils its latest Fall Winter 2023/2024 campaign – a celebration of personal
identity where light and dark, color and monochrome coexist in a dance of perfect
The new KOCCA Fall Winter 2023/2024 campaign shot by Alvaro Beamud Cortés
explores the theme of personal identity, where Parisian model Mariam De Vinzelle,
new muse of the brand, is on a journey of self-expression.
Her natural allure and charm encapsulate the beauty of the contemporary woman:
wearing key pieces of the Fall Winter collection, she portrays herself with confidence
and maturity in a cinematic ambience, where shadows and light are manipulated to
create drama and power.
Thisseting is where the narration begins and ends, like a perfect circle; a theatre where
both still and motion images unfold, telling the story of a blossoming protagonist in a
visual conversation with herself.
The archetypes of the Fall Winter 2023/2024 collection are in the spotlight: the
sartorial maxi jumpsuit, the oversized squared shoulders coat, the tweed sets and the
new, reinvented classic suits take life in these pictures, highlighting values of
confidence, conscious strength, and self-assurance. A collection, portrayed in the
campaign, inquiring about the mysterious and powerful side of femininity

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