Every morning women wake up knowing they have a tough task ahead of them: getting ready for the office! Clothes don’t define us, but our outfit is our business card, the first thing people see, whether they be clients, colleagues or the boss… and it’s crucial to make a good impression and convey professionalism, self-confidence and class. A smart look makes us feel more at ease and confident but, more importantly, it conveys that to the others! Kocca offers three womenswear staples – the jacket, blouse and trousers – which can easily be mixed and matched with each other and other garments in our wardrobe. They have been designed to create a winning look in just a couple of steps, so we can tackle our busy days with the right attitude!


This male-inspired pinstripe suit jacket comes in deep blue with classic lapels, welt pockets and a single button at the front. Thanks to its structured lines and tailored cut, Fonny is the perfect blazer to turn any outfit into an office-approved outfit. If you are going for the casual look, wear it with a light blouse and a pair of plain jeans or for a more elegant style, pair it with a blouse and matching trousers. Whatever you choose, you will always look impeccable!


These blue pinstripe trousers with a high waist and two-tone belt tied in a bow, have a soft, flowing fit which effortlessly flatters the figure. The Bessie pants are a must-have if you want a sporty but extremely elegant style. They are ultra-classy when paired with their matching jacket but also create a distinctive and practical combo with a simple T-shirt or jumper which you can never go wrong with. Must-have!


Pure white blouse in sheer fabric, straight cut and puffed short sleeves with dainty volants around the edge. Tiss is ultra-versatile and instantly matchable with skirts, elegant trousers or jeans, with or without a jacket. This safe but highly original choice will satisfy your girly vibe at all times but also delivers a flawless business look! Available in a wide range of colours so you’ll always be perfect, in and out of the office.

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