Refined, dynamic and seductive. The Spring-Summer 2017 collection is a mixture of garments designed to appeal to down-to-earth, versatile women. The careful choice of the best fabric for the outfit and constant attention to detail are the leitmotif of Kocca’s latest offering.

There are three main themes.


This mood features a relaxed, extremely feminine style whose inspiration is both nostalgic and folk, conjuring up the atmospheres of these edgelands, places between the town and country, in the ‘60s and ’70s. Kocca brings these images right up-to-date with its urban-inspired details.

The most popular fabrics in this theme are crochet lace, canvas-effect fabrics embellished with floral embroideries, and fabrics with a technical feel. Patterns range from checks to sporty stripes and vintage flowers, with the odd foray into Lurex. The key garments in this mood are blouses with ruffles, full skirts and bohemian dresses, played down by pairing them with bomber jackets and track pants. Pastel and retro shades, like peaches, avocado greens and dusty blues, add a touch of nostalgia to the colour palette which is brightened up by coral accents.


The Soft Power theme takes its inspiration from the Eighties. This is the perfect look for women with a more determined and assertive feminine side to them, underlined by the pop-inspired and geometrical patterns and details. Two-tone stripes are still all the rage, offering updated nautical appeal but still essential, like the pinstripe fabrics for jackets, trousers and waistcoats whose fit is relaxed and less structured, a throwback to power dressing in the ’80s. Smooth surfaces with a technical, acetate feel are a nod to the sportswear of those years and are great supports for garments which are designed to enhance the figure, with cut and transparent effects. Metallic fabrics give this mood a hint of light. The colour palette features bright shades like fuchsia, cobalt and lime, toned down by essential black and white.


This mood, a fusion of ethnic and bohemian, has been given an informal modern-day twist, thanks to a mixture of military and sporty elements. It is a real melting-pot of influences for women who give the metropolis their own contemporary style.

Ethnic and tribal-inspired patterns alternate on jaquard fabrics and silky, flowing satin, perfectly paired with striped matting effect fabrics, canvas with laminated prints and metal inserts which light up and decorate the outfits in this mood.

The garments abound with details like rough-edged braid, cords, tassels and micro chains which give personality and attitude to the clean fit garments.

The sophisticated colour palette features neutral warm tones like natural shades, rust orange and military greens, alternated with metallic colours, black and butter.

Capsule Collection KOCCA EVENTS

KOCCA Events, the capsule collection designed for more important and glamorous occasions, is in its second season. Dainty lace, lightweight chiffons and pleated silks are the headlining fabrics in this special collection.

The light shades of rose and sky blue create a subtle “now you see it, now you don’t” effect for sophisticated seduction. There is a wide selection of balloon skirts in patterns ranging from flowers to stripes, which are paired with micro tops in tone-on-tone silk for an understated elegant look.