How often did you get the chance to wear light blue last winter?
We’re not talking about the blouse you wear under your work suit, but a whole outfit
or main garment.
Not often, right?
Now you can really go wild with the clothes in the Kocca Spring – Summer
Classy casual
Combining two sky blue garments which alternate essential lines with softer volumes
is allowed, you know: Dizzy, the sleeveless top with a large diagonal ruffle that
wraps around the whole bust, goes perfectly with the tone-on-tone Amalio trousers.

Light blue outfit with contrasting accessory
Sometimes the search for that special garment has us traipsing round shops and
boutiques for hours.
Stop right there! The Elliot jumpsuit is perfect: with its minimal neckline at the front
that is cut lower at the back, the bodice shows off the volumes of the micro ruffled
sleeves. The volume of the top part is the perfect match for the linear cropped
trousers. Make the all-blue outfit pop and give it a touch of irony by adding a
contrasting accessory: here we have gone for the red Ines belt.

Romantically blue
What can we say about the Nazawa dress? One look, and you’ll fall in love with it!

Make the pattern pop
The Molly top and the Larissa shorts have a great Seventies geometrical pattern that
looks stunning when paired with the light blue Mirerr jacket.
To make the outfit even more special, you can accessorize it with a red rope belt.

Half dress, half shirt
The Burthon shirt-dress has short sleeves and a soft, wide belt in the same fabric.
It is beautiful on its own or paired with the white flared Brojnac trousers.

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