It may be simple, but a belt is an essential in any woman’s wardrobe. Once an exclusively male accessory, it was back in the 2019 runway shows and now in our everyday looks with myriad new uses. Gone are the days when a belt was only used to keep a man’s trousers up! With a new look, narrower and hyper-feminine, in thousands of designs and materials, it has become a staple of any outfit, flattering the waistline, improving its fit and giving it that extra something to make the outfit stand out and look refreshingly original.

 “Look trendy every day with Turid”

Denim shirt-dress with two pockets, three-quarter length sleeves and buttons down the front.  The comfy fit of Turid is given an extra touch of femininity thanks to the red and blue striped belt. With this essential accessory, even this sporty denim dress becomes a must-have you can wear every day of the week.

Colour and clever contrasts are the secret to Illiade

Illiade makes a statement with its bright mustard colour and springtime floral pattern. What gives it its real country chic touch, though, is the light rope belt with tassels and metal details which guarantees a perfect fit. A pop colour look that will have heads turning!

The elegance and simplicity of Tangela

Safari dress in light sandy shades with two pockets on the chest and short rolled-up sleeves. Thanks to its unusual narrow belt with fringed tassels in intense brown shades, Tangela pulls off the colonial look in grand style. A must-have garment to add to your everyday urban look!

The perfect denim outfit thanks to Cixe

Maxi shirt-dress with one pocket on the chest, buttons to below the waist and short sleeves. Cixe’s white and pale blue belt matches the light denim of this long dress to perfection: a casual chic combo that you’ll just love!

“An original, classy look? That’s Lucinda!”

Lucinda is a lovely shirt-dress in earthy colours which gently clings to your figure and accentuates your waistline thanks to the narrow belt which creates a tone-on-tone effect, mixing different shades of the same palette. When knotted loosely round your waist with a minimal bow, your silhouette looks flatteringly slim and your style effortless.

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