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Sleeveless tops: a staple for every special outfit!


What more could you ask for on a hot summer’s day than a sleeveless top? Enough of blouses with their tight collars and long clingy sleeves! No more buttons crushing your body! No more fabrics and shapes that don’t let your skin breathe! Kocca has something for every occasion, with a wide selection of garments you can wear from the morning to the evening: everything ranging from frivolous to formal! Try pairing a gorgeous top with trousers and skirts of…

Shorts: no Summer wardrobe should be without them!


When the summer heatwave hits, we can’t wait to bare our legs and show them off to the world. It’s shorts season. The choice is yours – an ultra-casual outfit with mini denim pants or a more sophisticated look with lavish fabrics and exquisite details. What has Kocca got in store for this season? INXI AND LISALE SHORTS Do you like maxi prints, nature-inspired patterns combined with more graphic Seventies’ designs? If you do, the Inxi blouse paired with the white…

Chase away the summer blue with the Kocca Collection!


In summertime, light and dark blue conjure up images of the vastness of the sea, sunny skies or the starry heavens. Every shade reminds us of a fabulous holiday, wishing upon a shooting star, diving into the waves or swimming with tropical fish. How can we capture this feeling of freedom and beauty? By choosing an outfit that reminds us of all these amazing experiences of course! It’s sales time, so make the most of it and visit Kocca stores…

All the jeans in the Kocca Spring – Summer Collection in one post!


Jeans are without a doubt one of Kocca’s best-loved garments. There are many reasons for this, but it basically comes down to four key features: fit, style, attention to detail and hard-wearing denim. They adapt to different shapes and needs, keeping women company in their busy lives. Discover the jeans for this Spring – Summer 2017! DEMI JEANS AND BAVDIR BAG CHUQUI T-SHIRT AND KLER JEANS BUMLON BLOUSE AND SOFI JEANS HUATA TOP, BAPIM JUMPER AND KLER JEANS HUANTA JACKET, CHANI…

The off-the-shoulder neckline makes a statement


Summer immediately brings to mind the sun, salt on your skin at the seaside, bare shoulders, light airy dresses. An ice-cream in town, a bicycle ride, a romantic dinner overlooking the beach, casual Fridays at the office, making your colleagues jealous with your gorgeous golden tan: Kocca has an outfit for all these moments, a selection of garments which all feature a seductive off-the-shoulder neckline.   BLOUSE AND FLORAL TROUSERS FOR EVERY OCCASION Bare shoulders, three-quarter sleeves with a bow…

Keep your shirt on! The Kocca SS17 Selection


We wish all our loyal #KWomen a cool, calm Spring-Summer. We have dedicated a whole section of the SS17 collection to a garment that no self-respecting wardrobe should ever be without.   CHARMING CHECKS The 5-button Tamaura shirt with pocket comes in a checked fabric with a decidedly masculine cut. But it has a surprise in store, just turn around and its feminine side is revealed thanks to a white lace insert over the shoulders. It is paired with jeggings,…

Beige, grey and micro-details: for a casual yet sophisticated outfit

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Spring is a great season: as the weeks pass, the sun brightens our waking hours more and more and the days get longer. We can’t wait to shed our layers, but we mustn’t forget that the air can still be a bit chilly and the weather can change quickly. Here is a selection of garments for those mornings when you stand in front of the wardrobe, without a clue what to wear. These outfits feature shades of beige and grey,…

Bonjour Chiara & pink maxi skirt


I can’t get over how beautiful this pink maxi skirt is. Ramadan is starting in two weeks and my email box is already flooded by ton of invitations for Iftar and Sohours. I’m trying to update my closet to be ready to celebrate this special month with my friends. Would you like to read more? Go to bonjourchiara.com

Femininity and seduction merge with a casual and sporty style in the new #SS17 Kocca Collection


There comes a time when every woman has to find the right balance between comfort and femininity. So Kocca has dedicated part of its collection to a casual sporty style that still maintains the romantic details that are synonymous with the brand. Bright, energetic red is paired with sophisticated lace in the Imua blouse with its off-the-shoulder neckline. For an interesting, more unconventional look, combine it with Naporo, the jogging pants whose crease down the front has been borrowed from more elegant…

The moods in the SS17 Kocca Collection


Refined, dynamic and seductive. The Spring-Summer 2017 collection is a mixture of garments designed to appeal to down-to-earth, versatile women. The careful choice of the best fabric for the outfit and constant attention to detail are the leitmotif of Kocca’s latest offering. There are three main themes. NOSTALGIC EDGELAND This mood features a relaxed, extremely feminine style whose inspiration is both nostalgic and folk, conjuring up the atmospheres of these edgelands, places between the town and country, in the ‘60s and…