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Blue is a great alternative to black and white and is more classic for formalwear. And the brighter shades are truly irresistible in both day and evening outfits. IF YOU LOVE TONE-ON-TONE OUTFITS THAT LOOK LIKE JUMPSUITS we recommend the Bavloss blouse, Tauai trousers and Jeorgia belt. IF YOU FANCY A DRESS THE COLOUR OF THE SEA, WHY NOT TRY… Iryarc with its soft, full skirt that contrasts with the tight, strapless bodice. FOR A TIMELESS DAYTIME OUTFIT choose the Bithdae…

#MagicKoccaBag – Marie Spénale and her amazing artwork for Indigo Bag


#MagicKoccaBag The bag had a back side that I wanted to reproduce in my image. I was thinking about Mary Poppins and conjurers who take out scarves from their hats and I mixed that! I also played with the patterns from Kocca‘s latest collection, which mixes geometric and organic shapes. I had a lot of fun! Bio Marie Spénale is a french illustrator living in Brussels, Belgium. She graduated from illustration and graphic design at Estienne and Gobelins, in Paris.…



Spring is here and with it comes our growing desire for colour, flowery fabrics, lightness and days outside. Work and special occasion clothes have been given a makeover and express the feminine side of every woman as it reawakens and blossoms after the dreary grey winter. CONTEMPORARY STYLE MEETS THE ESSENTIAL LINES OF THE PAST This dress is perfect for anyone after the essential lines of Hollywood favourites but who still wants a fresh, new style in the latest fabrics…

A sparkling stylish outfit to shine like a star


Are you looking for an outfit to break with tradition, which shows off your figure and at the same time has a refined, scintillating style? Are you tired of wearing the variously shaped and sized basic black garments that adapt to any personality? Do you want to sparkle during an evening out with friends for an aperitif cocktail, a dinner or a dance? Do you like the comfort of slim trousers but absolutely love matching them with a pair of vertiginous…

A special outfit for those festive lunches and dinners


It’s a period full of parties and celebrations: from Christmas through to the new year, a succession of lunches, dinners, parties and nights out with friends. Kocca has a special outfit that is just perfect for each and every one of these occasions.   A RESTAURANT LUNCH WITH FAMILY An outfit to impress relatives of all ages. Offering an eye-catching slender look without being transparent or tight. This bronze-coloured, glittering outfit, comprising the Charthon jacket and Nogoroli trousers, combines effortlessly…

The elegance of an outfit for New Year’s Eve


Ready to bring in the new year with a bang? Have you already decided where to celebrate New Year’s eve? We have picked out a selection of unmissable, ultra-elegant garments for any location!             Ahrzin jumpsuit Our garments are available at Kocca boutiques and authorised retailers. Write to us to find out the address of your nearest store!  

Small accessories that are the ideal post-Christmas treat


How are you going to treat yourself in the new year? We’ve selected a variety of small garments and accessories that will be the perfect cheeky treat for the new year. And if you’ve been really well-behaved… well who knows? Perhaps you can really go to town and treat yourself with a whole new outfit! Chaili hat, Baktar jumper and Glaro jeans    Awmor hat Banwa hat, Totgan coat, Zulgan trousers and Gomonga bag   Kidad hat, Aooka scarf and…

Wrapped in a warm embrace


Perfect holidays and relaxing weekend breaks require the warm woolly embrace of a variety of different colours and styles. Imagine yourself in front of an open fire, snow drifting to the ground outside, wrapped in a soft garment. Here is a selection from the Kocca FW1718 collection. Boroja long cardigan and Ashkari dress Brodae jumper, Bebkari long cardigan and Obgung trousers Zirruk cardigan and Okahama top Batsang cardigan             Beython and Taana T-shirt    …

The Kocca Fall Winter 2017-2018 Collection


Feminine, Romantic, Versatile. For Fall-Winter 2017-18 Kocca offers dynamic women who are always on the move a collection of garments suitable for all occasions, whether for their busy daily lives or for the most elegant and glamorous of situations. The collection consists of three main themes: POST – RETRO’ The Post Retrò mood forges a strong link between past and present, real and virtual. This fusion of influences has led to the creation of a collection which looks to the…

Long dresses are for everyone! Believe us!

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For fashionistas who feel the cold, the season for long dresses which cover your legs and wrap you from head to foot with allure has arrived. With their soft, warm, flowing or even austere fabrics, whether plain or multi-coloured, they will stylishly accompany you through the season of low temperatures and little light. Which will be your season’s favourite long dress? LAYERS AND POLKA DOTS FOR MOMMILI Reminiscent of Nineties fashion but with a stylish new twist, here is Mommili…