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Checks have made a comeback in the Fall-Winter Kocca collection! Blouses, skirts, dresses and coats, in black and white and colours, in lightweight or warm and cosy fabrics: a real must-have this season. Here is a selection of our best-loved garments. THE ASYMMETRICAL BLACK AND WHITE IDEA SHIRT   THE CAROL TARTAN SKIRT SUBTLE AUTUMNAL COLOURS IN THE EANNY DRESS VIBRANT COLOURS AND SPARKLING DETAILS ON THE MIALOS SHIRT PUFFED SLEEVES AND AN EXTRA-LONG SKIRT ON THE CHECKED ODIL DRESS DARK BACKGROUND AND BRIGHTLY COLOURED STITCHING FOR THE FLAIR COAT   Want to try…



Sometimes a line, a stroke, a flash of colour on the fabric makes a piece of clothing that extra bit special. Stripes – single, multiple, horizontal, vertical or sideways – give simple lines extra interest and run from one point, converging on the opposite one. Stripes feature extensively in the Fall/Winter 2018-2019 Kocca collection: starting with the dress AMULETO form-fitting, knee length, with a zip down the front, ruffles on the chest and long sleeves.     CURY TROUSERS these…



If you love dusty pink more than any other colour and you’d wear it all year round, you can choose your outfits for the cold winter months from the new Kocca collection. With everything from outerwear to tops, you will find this stunning shade in different fabrics and ranges in the clothes this fall – winter. A FAUX FUR CLOUD: THE WAKO JACKET   LONG AND RETRO: MEET THE KALITA DRESS                   GREAT DURING THE DAY BUT AT NIGHT TOO: ANTA, THE DUSTY PINK FITTED…

A special outfit for those festive lunches and dinners


It’s a period full of parties and celebrations: from Christmas through to the new year, a succession of lunches, dinners, parties and nights out with friends. Kocca has a special outfit that is just perfect for each and every one of these occasions.   A RESTAURANT LUNCH WITH FAMILY An outfit to impress relatives of all ages. Offering an eye-catching slender look without being transparent or tight. This bronze-coloured, glittering outfit, comprising the Charthon jacket and Nogoroli trousers, combines effortlessly…

The elegance of an outfit for New Year’s Eve


Ready to bring in the new year with a bang? Have you already decided where to celebrate New Year’s eve? We have picked out a selection of unmissable, ultra-elegant garments for any location!             Ahrzin jumpsuit Our garments are available at Kocca boutiques and authorised retailers. Write to us to find out the address of your nearest store!  

Long dresses are for everyone! Believe us!

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For fashionistas who feel the cold, the season for long dresses which cover your legs and wrap you from head to foot with allure has arrived. With their soft, warm, flowing or even austere fabrics, whether plain or multi-coloured, they will stylishly accompany you through the season of low temperatures and little light. Which will be your season’s favourite long dress? LAYERS AND POLKA DOTS FOR MOMMILI Reminiscent of Nineties fashion but with a stylish new twist, here is Mommili…

Military Style in the Kocca Fall-Winter Collection

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Are you keen on outfits with a big personality and decisive style but worried about losing your feminine look? Are you into camouflage patterns, natural colours and stark lines, but with a pinch of creativity added to each outfit? If you said “Yes” to even one of these questions, this post is definitely for you. This year Kocca has given a new look to military inspired fabrics and garments, softening the volumes and playing with fabrics and colours to give…

There’s more than just a long dress for evening wear

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Is it de rigueur to wear a long dress for important events? Definitely not! The Kocca Fall-Winter collection proves that! This year we are offering you tops matched with exquisite skirts, jumpsuits featuring layered as well as transparent fabrics plus contrasting volumes and lengths. There’s a style to suit every personality so that you can feel comfortable and elegant in even the most sophisticated surroundings!   SIMPLY GLIMMERINGLY STYLISH Ahrzin: a soft sleeveless top made with shimmering fabric is perfect…

Lace and transparency create a particularly feminine dress

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The feminine appeal of a garment can often be emphasised through exquisite lace details, macramé fabrics and special nuances. It plays on lengths and figure-hugging, slinky silhouettes embellished by transparencies and resplendent velvets. How on earth can this style be developed for day-by-day outfits? Let’s have a look at all the daytime and evening wear suggestions. LACE, A RIBBON AND THE COLOUR PINK A knee-length dress in black macramé fabric with ribbon and white lace details is impeccably matched with…

Flowers blossom in all seasons on Kocca dresses

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Depending on the occasion, a floral pattern gives a dress a dreamy, particular, refined, ironic, joyful or melancholy air. It offers a medley of colours, full of personality, never neutral. If matched with even just a hint of bright colours, it prolongs the summer into the dreariest of days. How could we not have a generous selection of garments with a floral pattern in the new Kocca Fall-Winter collection? Find your favourite among dresses, blouses, prints and embroideries! ANAJAL FLOWERING…