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Lace and transparency create a particularly feminine dress

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The feminine appeal of a garment can often be emphasised through exquisite lace details, macramé fabrics and special nuances. It plays on lengths and figure-hugging, slinky silhouettes embellished by transparencies and resplendent velvets. How on earth can this style be developed for day-by-day outfits? Let’s have a look at all the daytime and evening wear suggestions. LACE, A RIBBON AND THE COLOUR PINK A knee-length dress in black macramé fabric with ribbon and white lace details is impeccably matched with…

Campaign photos of the Kocca Fall-Winter Collection

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The Kocca Fall–Winter collection is available in all stores and at retailers. The garments are designed for modern women who bring together highly differing styles with panache. Women who know how to combine elegance with a metropolitan spirit, delicate hues with military colours. To find out where you can try on the new clothes, write us a message in the contacts area or find an address using the store locator.

Fake leather, the decisive style of Kocca clothes

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Do you fall in love with outfits with a decisive style yet full of femininity? Is there always a garment in your wardrobe which has at least one detail in fake leather? Do you look for a gritty thrill even in the most romantic dress? Do you like to mix different textiles together and offset the lightness of the fabrics with the toughness of fake leather? Come and try on the clothes of the Fall-Winter collection in store! MYRDAR JACKET…

Casual Chic: an outfit with a versatile, elegant style


When looking for a new outfit, the aim is usually to find truly elegant and stylish clothes that are at the same time comfortable and easy to wear whatever the occasion. So, choose single, versatile garments that are easy to coordinate; garments such as the Orric blouse, the Iorthan waistcoat and the Rethon trousers. A ROMANTIC, WHITE BLOUSE  Orric is a lightweight blouse with soft sleeves and ruffle down the front to hide the buttons. The classic, retro style collar…

Pink, mauve, burgundy, flowers and rouches: make the Kocca collection yours!


Is your style romantic, drawing inspiration from Hollywood stars of the past? Do you like pink, mauve and burgundy? Are flowers and ruches a staple of your wardrobe? The new Kocca Fall-Winter collection answers all your needs. Choose together the season’s must-haves! BUFLOSS SKIRT AND MYRBON BLOUSE KIDAD HAT, KUMAGOYA T-SHIRT AND BROFIM TROUSERS JUGOJA DRESS AND BANRIK BAG TIAD JACKET AND JIHOD TROUSERS PUKKA JACKET REAJ JACKET AND BUFRIC DRESS BEFRIK DRESS ANAJAL BLOUSE GOMLAD TOP AND BUFLOSS SKIRT…

Pink, a fashion colour for all seasons


It doesn’t matter whether it’s summer or winter. Pink is a colour that conveys sweetness, personality, elegance and gracefulness in both casual and more elegant outfits. The warm tones of the garments bring lustre to your complexion, transforming every reflection in the mirror into a wonderful porcelain look. Whether it’s for a cardigan, waistcoat, jumpsuit, jacket or blouse, pink in all its nuances is always present in the fashion world. Here just for you is a splendid array of garments…

Sleeveless tops: a staple for every special outfit!


What more could you ask for on a hot summer’s day than a sleeveless top? Enough of blouses with their tight collars and long clingy sleeves! No more buttons crushing your body! No more fabrics and shapes that don’t let your skin breathe! Kocca has something for every occasion, with a wide selection of garments you can wear from the morning to the evening: everything ranging from frivolous to formal! Try pairing a gorgeous top with trousers and skirts of…

Shorts: no Summer wardrobe should be without them!


When the summer heatwave hits, we can’t wait to bare our legs and show them off to the world. It’s shorts season. The choice is yours – an ultra-casual outfit with mini denim pants or a more sophisticated look with lavish fabrics and exquisite details. What has Kocca got in store for this season? INXI AND LISALE SHORTS Do you like maxi prints, nature-inspired patterns combined with more graphic Seventies’ designs? If you do, the Inxi blouse paired with the white…

Chase away the summer blue with the Kocca Collection!


In summertime, light and dark blue conjure up images of the vastness of the sea, sunny skies or the starry heavens. Every shade reminds us of a fabulous holiday, wishing upon a shooting star, diving into the waves or swimming with tropical fish. How can we capture this feeling of freedom and beauty? By choosing an outfit that reminds us of all these amazing experiences of course! It’s sales time, so make the most of it and visit Kocca stores…

All the jeans in the Kocca Spring – Summer Collection in one post!


Jeans are without a doubt one of Kocca’s best-loved garments. There are many reasons for this, but it basically comes down to four key features: fit, style, attention to detail and hard-wearing denim. They adapt to different shapes and needs, keeping women company in their busy lives. Discover the jeans for this Spring – Summer 2017! DEMI JEANS AND BAVDIR BAG CHUQUI T-SHIRT AND KLER JEANS BUMLON BLOUSE AND SOFI JEANS HUATA TOP, BAPIM JUMPER AND KLER JEANS HUANTA JACKET, CHANI…