How are you going to treat yourself in the new year?

We’ve selected a variety of small garments and accessories that will be the perfect cheeky treat for the new year.

And if you’ve been really well-behaved… well who knows?

Perhaps you can really go to town and treat yourself with a whole new outfit!

Chaili hat, Baktar jumper and Glaro jeans 


Kidad hat, Kumagoya T-shirt and Brofim trousers

Anaa hat and Curuini dress

Awmor hat

Banwa hat, Totgan coat, Zulgan trousers and Gomonga bag

Chaili hat, Kedtok jacket, Jautua blouse and Ranric trousers.


Lython hat and Medusae trousers

Kidad hat, Aooka scarf and Mitle trousers

Kidad hat


Kinfar hat, Bosfean jumper and Brogbon trousers

Bujris hat, Belthon blouse and Piratai skirt

Ersang belt

Bijlo jumper, Bizmur blouse, Birsek belt and Kler jeans


Zuod jumpsuit and Bozrion belt



Kuregano belt

Lolima T-shirt and Teskin belt