We have the strange habit of imagining tops and blouses in fabric and don’t seem to be able to visualize them in jersey. Yet there are some gorgeous yarns out there!

Give your outfit a fresh new look with this original style idea!

Black and white: bringing back classic colours

The Macni sleeveless top in black jersey has a pearl-studded neckline and can be worn under either a formal or leather jacket.

We have paired it with white Shift skinny pants which are embellished with a gold chain around the waist.

Ahoy there

The soft, black, short-sleeved Mapo T-shirt is all about layers and transparency and features a subtle V-neck decorated with dainty pearls.

Continue the happy-go-lucky style with Lisale white shorts and Icari, a classic ultra-narrow belt which is also perfect for accentuating the waistline on boho-chic dresses.

Colour, style and comfort

For lovers of more colourful everyday wear, the Tupa top is just the ticket with its V-neck and rounded bottom.

It is paired with blue jeans with a slight bell bottom: Shift.


A touch of luxury, a touch of ethnic

The Azkin top is the colour of the sea and features a horizontal pearl insert. It is paired with Yati, sage carrot pants with a tie around the waist.

This outfit looks great with flat sandals on informal occasions or with tottering heels for that special stylish event.

Want to try on your favourite top?

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