Distinctive but without attracting attention: that is the shade of green chosen to lift your mood, adorn the different fabrics and garments in the collection and brighten your day and evening wear.

Avocado coat

This coat embodies femininity, with a host of well-balanced details: symmetrical side ruffles which continue into two small pleats. All designed to flatter the waist.

Bunise green faux fur coat

This faux fur coat has an almost silvery effect and features bands of different widths.

Das blouse

This single item is able to give a whole outfit movement, thanks to its fabric which slips easily over the skin and the volant on the front.

Jumwa jacket

Looking for an easy-to-wear jacket? Single-breasted, coloured and fitted.

Rantok trousers

Tango trousers

The charm of the simple, the essential, all enhanced by the colour. These trousers are a real knockout when paired with grey.

Green Ypsilon dress

The same fabric, but a totally different style. Ankle-length with dainty details.

Pair it with a woollen cardigan for a striking material contrast or a tiny leather jacket.

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