Spring is synonymous with sunny days, flowers that add a dash of colour to meadows
and wardrobes, and bright rainbows that chase away the greyness in the clouds and
the air.
The Kocca collection is also transformed by ever new colours and patterns, so here is
a gorgeous collection of occasion dresses that are sure to impress!
Fluorescence and a flowery skirt: Eognir + Bumnur

Oriental influences and flowers in bloom: the Kanmur dress

Romanticism, special length and a floral pattern: the Felicia dress

Mini straps and a maxi pattern: the Epril dress

An extra-large print for a floral dress that takes your breath away: Alan

Minimal and pop styles come together in the floral print of the Deseo dress

One floral print and two different outfits: the Trussi skirt and Lala dress

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