Denim is one of the most famous, popular and widely used fabrics in the world. It has been a constant throughout the history of fashion, going from generation to generation, witnessing different styles and applications.

The name denim comes from “serge de Nîmes”, after the town where the factory which produced this fabric was located, and it is made from cotton and linen.

So what is the secret to adapting denim to the different moments in your day and life?

Just browse the latest arrivals from the Spring – Summer 2017 Kocca collection to find out!



Are jeans like a second skin to you? Practical, comfortable, hard-wearing and always trendy, they can be worn night or day to make any outfit extra special.

If you want to combine comfort with elegance, the answer is Kara – tight-fitting, high-waisted faded blue denim pants. Micro decorations in two alternating colours decorate the pockets at the front, defining this timeless garment and making it truly unique.

The effect is stunning when paired with Tokoka, a plain jersey T-shirt in navy blue (or one of the other three colours available) that is the ultimate in simplicity at the front but wildly seductive behind, thanks to the deep open back embellished with a cascade of glittering chains.


The off-the-shoulder Bardot neckline of Jaugua, the long dress, reveals bare shoulders and puffed sleeves. The waistline is lovely and slim thanks to a cord drawstring and below is a loose-fitting gipsy-style skirt.

Perfect when worn with shoes, flat sandals or high Seventies-style footwear.


Just imagine the no-fuss simplicity of a denim shirt and the minimal femininity of a shirt-dress: you’ve got the Huampa dress.

Cinched at the waist by a micro cord, it looks great when paired with the two-tone Akruk jacket with zipper.


Who said the world’s favourite fabric cannot be stylishly matched with a formal outfit?

Make way for Taresa, the short-sleeved jacket shrug with its curved lines, round neckline and orange stitching.

And it looks just perfect over Zemanga which features a cheerful plain bodice and balloon skirt with different coloured stripes.