Kocca Srl was born from an Idea of Miranda brothers in 1995 and today is one of the most dynamic realities in the Italian fashion industry. From a small business reality, in a few yeas it developed transforming into an established leading structure in the commercialization and realization of fashion products with a unique style and character.
A particular attention is given to human resources, a strong inner coexistence, and an innbovativemente management style, these are the fundamental values of all the reality of the company of the group.
“Client is the center of everything”: this is one of the targets Kocca works to achieve everyday. To the works of innovation and of client’s orientation, the strict quality control in both the distrubution proceses of selling services and production ones are added.
A particular sensibility to quality and to most modern materials, the ability of “problem solving” combined with the extraordinary capacity of innovation of its own collections, makes kocca one of the most active and prestigious realities of the Italian panorama.



Different necessities and styles are interpreted by the different brands Kocca s.r.l. own. Urban rumors, international style references and the unique Italian Style assemble in thousands of references that every semester make all the collection of the brands of the group.

Kocca is the core brand of the group. Kocca is addressed to a enlarged target of women between 17 and 30 years old; it follows clear and dynamics moods, there is no space for sadness.

Feminine, ironic, strong, the Kocca woman is able to play around romanticism and elegance; “enjoy everyday” is the real claim of Kocca products. The group of creative research, which is the real beating heart of all of its collections, is an actual melting pot of experiences and personalities; innovation, reinterpretation of old and new mode, originality are the only a few of the instruments used everyday.


The headquarter is the beating heart of the group, inside the industrial conglomerating Interporto of Nola, which is extended more than 14.000 mq and that hosts the main logistic platform, the commercial offices and the administration ones and some of the creative departments and finally the international hub. Modern architectures are the entrance to the whole productive and logistic structure with more than 3.000 mq of offices; a new Avantgarde showroom, a store display and a congresses center. “Space” and “Sharing” are the moods that mark the architectonical choices of Kocca s.r.l. reflecting in an unequivocal way the dinamismo of the company that received the ISO 9001:2000 in 2002.


Communication is the main keystone of all the commercial activities of the company, well-finished in all its aspects. Corporate identity, images of lines, support to sale points and institutional advertising campaigns are everyday instruments with which the communication office of the company works. Investiments and strategies are always measured with attention and rigorous control for a safe success result.

A communication image always coherent with the mood of the collections and the philosophy of the brand straightened during the years the loyalty of the final consumer. A strategic and prudent research of the tools determines every year a selection always more and more precise of the referring target. Mass diffusion methods and special initiatives alternates in a dynamic communication plans with a strong emotive impact.


A 400 mq showroom, where it’s possible just at a glance appreciate the comfort of all its proposes; a display store updated to the layout of all the flag stores to better comprehend the retail projects of the group.


20 €m the international volume sales 1.000 multibrand. Kocca is focalized on international markets from 2008, year of creation of the first international network sale. From 2013 the evolution in european countries (France, Spain, Benelux, Portugal, Greece) it was very marked, with significant sales and subsequently significant experiences were started in non-European contexts (mainly, Asia and South America). The presence in the new channels represented by department stores and travel retail is increasing (travel areas such as airports and stations).


Made in Italy

Italian style and design make Kocca an excellence of Made in Italy; the secret of success on the international market is a production largely carried out on the national territory.

Style and Design

The KOCCA collections are entirely made by stylists who manage to propose interesting themes to a woman who is increasingly looking for unique and special items.


The KOCCA’s item is the result of years of experience now consolidated through which the consumer perceives a high quality of the product.


Kocca continues its research and development on the product trying to always propose something in step with the times; the research and development activity is supported by the continuous comparison with the distribution network (agents, distributors, etc.) as well as by the penetration of the retail channel through the associated company that provides the useful information to prepare collections in line with market trends; to product innovation, we add process innovation, staff training, and computerization that project the company among the first realities at a national level.

Client services

The customer is the center of attention; it is assisted with robust advertising campaigns that create the right expectation in the consumer and with product information that make it the first corporate sponsor.